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Paintings in the making (Video)



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Sticker Drawing


Illustrator: Super
Super  just like drawing on sticker, letter paper, even shopping bag,
all she needs is just a pencil, simple but impressive works




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Paint The Moon


I'm doing another painting these days,the real bad thing is I allergic to the oil in the room,I have to put a orange in front of my nose,

then I can fall asleep,but it's still tough 4 me,I sneezed severely.This morning I wake up,I know I'm going to get a cold.

Sometimes I look at my painting n think:"What can u give me?"If I can make exhibition to show my works,

The people will say some words like:"Wow! Great! Awesome! " I'm keep painting to make it possble,

What I've done n what I'm doing will be worthwhile if that dream come true.



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art works






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Coming Soon



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