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Xianxiadao(Game poster)



CD:Liang mei, AD:Leo Wan

Illustrator: Huang Cheng

Retouch: Huang Cheng


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Drift meeting 2014

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Team 5CN

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LN: Style Fighter(Basketball Game)
























 In July 2009, Li Ning will hold “Style Fighter” 3+1 Basketball Challenge and NBA Stars’ Meet in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Changsha and
 Chengdu.Three different thematic basketball courts will beset up representing the styles of Shaq O'neal,Baron Davis and Jose Calderon respectively.
 Considering various interest of young basketball fans, different competitions are designed for them, including 3+1 contest, one-to-one contest, slam
dunk competition, skill competition, and so on.  It is a good opportunity for the youth to learn from the NBA stars.


 Agency: Creatim,BeiJing,China
Creative: HuangCheng, CD: Liu Fang, AD: Gao Xin, CW: Wang YueMing, Bob Li
Account Director: Wang Jiao , AE:  Chang JianHui
Illustrator: HuangCheng, Retouch: HuangCheng



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Agency: TBWA(Shanghai)

Illustrator: HuangCheng

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Paintings in the making (Video)



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LiNing: The Power of Red






























Agency: Leo Burnett,ShangHai,China
ECD:Attlee Ku, GCD:Tao Lei,ACD:Kevin Wu,GH:Liao YiYuan
SAD: HuangCheng, AD: Mellow Yu, CW: Ray, Elva
Illustrator: HuangCheng, Photographer:Ele Jin,Retouch:Heizi







 Editor: ADY, HuangCheng
Special Thanks: Yang Ge, Zhang Bo, Chu Ge, Chen Xi, Wu Yang, Yang Jian Feng, Liao YiYuan, Mellow Yu





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LiNing: Reborn









Agency: Leo Burnett,ShangHai,China
ECD:Attlee Ku, GCD:Tao Lei, ACD:Kevin Wu,GH:Liao YiYuan
SAD: HuangCheng, AD: Mellow Yu, CW: Ray
Illustrator: HuangCheng, Retouch: HuangCheng, Photographer:Ele Jin


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