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Jerry taught me: How r u hanging?


One of my teachers Jerry has left the centre, It's a bit sad. I still remember the fist time we meet was in an English encounter, n in that class only one student that's me, he told me abt his story,his wife, his son, many things. after class, he send me a masege, told me to keep talking to him to pratice, I really like this funny old man, I went to visit his apartment, we taliked a lot that nite even my English wasn't that gd that time. after that we often had some funny talking, even some dirty joke,that's very impresive n interesting experience, expacialy this: one day, he ask: Hey Huang, How r u hanging? that quite strange,right? then He told me that's talking between two very close man, the meaning is just like :how r u. thats quite crazy n really impresive sentence. Taht's some of my memory of the old man Jerry. but now, he's in his home town maybe wiz his doughter n son, But I wonder, how's he hanging now?? Gd luck, old man~





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HuangCheng (2011-08-11 08:39:22)
haha~~~he lives very close to me.
supersonic (2011-06-01 15:24:37)
he looks pretty kind,and good luck to him, :)
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